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Buy Marshall amps from Shake It Up Music a music shop based on the sunshine coast Queensland. We stock guitar amplifiers, bass, bass heads and bass cabinets. Guitar cabs and guitar heads. Range includes MG series, DSL series, Origin series, Studio classics and studio vintage series. JCM 800 head, 1936 or 1960A cab.
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Marshall MS2 Micro Amp - Black
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SKU: 73/MS-2

PRODUCT TYPE: Guitar Amp Combo

VENDOR: Marshall

The Marshall MS-2 is a 1W micro amp that may be small but will deliver the true Marshall tone. It is battery powered and can plug into mains so it’s versatile enough to play on the move or practice in your...

Marshall SV212 Studio Vintage 2x12 Guitar Amplifier Speaker Cabinet
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SKU: 70/SV212

PRODUCT TYPE: Guitar Amp Cab

VENDOR: Marshall

Uniting raw power with a compact and portable chassis, the Marshall SV212 cab perfectly delivers the quintessentially British tone of the 1959SLP. Created to be combined with the SV20H or used as an extension cab for the SV20C, the British built...