Music School

Want to learn an instrument?

Get lessons today at Shake It Up Music!
We have a teaching school on site, catering for all instruments and playing levels from beginner to expert!

Standard Lessons $35/30mins. Group lessons and longer lessons can be organised on request.

All lessons are booked direct with our amazing teachers. Contact them on the info below to book your lessons today! 



Joe Murphy 0416425051

Pat Berg 0437375528

Pete Townsend 0407768078


Piano / Vocal

Cecile Elton 0401318904

Armani Larkin 0459256783

Pete Townsend 0407768078



Leigh Clarke 0401153269


Brass / Woodwind

Michael Larkin 0404101956


Ukulele / Banjo

Joe Murphy 0416425051


Questions or more info please call us on (07) 5441 5454.