• Yamaha Cornet YCR2330III

Yamaha Cornet YCR2330III

  • $1,095.00
  • $1,299.00

For the YCR2330III, Yamaha has kept the basic design of the hugely successful YCR-2330 cornets and added some modifications. The new ML-bore size helps the beginner to get a quick and easy response. Now benefiting from a modified two-piece yellow brass bell 2000 series cornets have the ideal thickness brass bells and a round lead-pipe for improved sound and playability. The 2000 series also benefits from newly designed heavier valve caps offering a full sound and great projection.

The newly redesigned, durable yet light two-piece bell is made of yellow brass for optimal playability and to promote good technique and endurance.


  • Key of Bb
  • ML Bore 11.65mm
  • Yellow Brass Lead Pipe
  • Yellow Brass Body material
  • Pluzuma welded yellow brass bell
  • Medium weight
  • Plastic Key Buttons
  • Nickel-plated pistons and valves