Toca Eric Velez Signature Bongos

Shake It Up Music


Toca Eric Velez Signature Series Range
Eric's beats reach frightening speed, generating an exciting mix of low rumbles and crisp highs. For this technique, he prefers congas and bongos that are sensitive to fingertips and loud slaps. Together with Toca,
he created a line that lets him express himself the way he wants.

Eric Velez Signature Series Bongos Feature:
>Matched top grade bison heads
>Unique 7" & 9" Bongos with steel bottoms
>Black mirror chrome hardware
>Sleek look and Designed appeal
>Finished in a natural sunburst high gloss finish
>Easy play hoop
>Rib design gives the bongos an authentic look and feel
>Natural Sunburst high gloss finish on Bongos
> Limited Toca Badging with Eric Velez Signature

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