Mackie MR8 Mk3 Studio Monitors (Pair)



MRmk3 Studio Monitors are designed from start to finish for your music, aimed at revealing the full range and natural character your music deserves.

Optimising features include an enhanced waveguide system for a wider sweet spot and custom-tuned rear porting for smooth, extended bass response.

With a wide range of full-range options and a powerful studio sub, you can be sure MRmk3 has the right setup for your studio.

Pump up the low end by up to 4dB and feel the difference. Or, boost or cut the highs to get the exact amount of sizzle and shimmer you want.

Get a set of MRmk3 monitors and reveal the full-range, natural character that your music deserves.

Product Features

  • 8" Ultra low distortion drivers
  • 85 Watt Class A/B amplification
  • XLR, TRS & RCA inputs
  • Customizable frequency control

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