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VENDOR: Kemper

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Kemper Profiling Amplifier at a Glance:
200 factory presets, and extensive online resources
Profile your own amplifiers
The perfect link between stage and studio
200 factory presets, and extensive online resources
Right out of the box, the Kemper Profiling Amplifier has a ton of profiled amps ready to play. Just connect the Profiling Amplifier to your sound system or recording rig, and you're set. And even if you don't have a collection of amps to profile, there are hundreds of profiled amplifiers available online, and the community of Kemper profilers is growing every day.

Profile your own amplifiers
While the incredibly lifelike profiles included with the Profiling Amplifier will appeal to everybody, you'll love the Profiling Amplifier if you have a ton of amps already. It's easy to connect the Profiling Amplifier to the amp you want to profile, hook up a microphone, and capture the sound of that amp and store it as a preset. You'll be amazed at how accurately your profiled amp preset responds to the gain and tone controls.

The perfect link between stage and studio
Ever been frustrated trying to re-created the tone you captured on a recording when you play out live? You'll love the Profiling Amplifier, because it can profile your studio sound while you're recording. Just take a split of the mic you're recording with and use the split signal to connect to the Profiling Amplifier. You'll capture the sound of your studio performance, ready to be recalled on any stage in the world at a moment's notice.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier Features at a Glance:
>Includes 200 amplifier profiles for you to start with
>Easy to profile your own amplifiers: all you need is a microphone and cable, guitar cables, and a combo amp or amp head and cabinet
>Built-in DI can split your signal to a direct output, for simultaneous recording of your dry guitar signal and the guitar amp profile
>Great sounding collection of effects in addition to the amplifiers
>Automatic spillover lets your delay and reverb tails fade out naturally when you change presets
>You can lock individual module settings when changing presets, for example keeping your current delay effects settings while changing amp profiles
>Effects loop lets you integrate your hardware effects and stompboxes

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