De Gregorio Cajon Maestral



In another patented first from DG, we proudly present our flagship Maestral cajón- the world’s first truly tunable cajón. Rather than using simple wood-screws to affix the front-plate to the body, the Maestral system uses 18 stainless-steel hex-bolts which screw into threaded brass inserts. The top 7 bolts also have counter-nuts to keep them at whatever tension you set them, no matter how hard you play. The Maestral system allows you to easily change front-plates in under 10 minutes to find the sound and look you want, even including custom printed front-plates.

The body of the Maestral is made from 9 mm first-quality birch plywood, and it comes standard with two interchangeable birch front-plates: one 2 mm and the other 2.5 mm.
The snare-system features two independently adjustable steel-core strings, along with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips.

  • Specs
    Size: 29x30x48 cm
    11.42 x 11.81 x 18.9 inches
    9 mm – 0.35 inches first quality birch plywood
    Front panel:
    2 mm – 0.78 inches first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
    Extra panel:
    2.5 mm – 0.98 inches first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood
    Back panel:
    6 mm – 0.23 inches first quality birch plywood with sound hole reinforcement

    Snare system:
    two individually adjustable steel core strings, with 6 Velloc® overtone control strips

    Makassar, Iris

    double layer of water based Sayerlack® lacquer


Because of its outstanding tone and versatility, the DG Maestral has quickly developed a devoted following, being played by percussionists Paquito González and Poti Trujillo on stage with legends such as Vicente Amigo and the late maestro Paco de Lucía.

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