Casio LK-120 Lighted Keys Keyboard


$179.00 $199.00

Fantastic for young beginners, the LK120 features light-up keys to show the correct notes for scales and music.

Buy online today and get your child learning and playing music, not to mention having fun, in no time!

*** Please note: Casio AD95BP power supply is NOT included with this item and must be purchased separately ***

Product Features

3-Step Lesson
Follow the keyboard lights to master keyboard play at your own pace.
Timing Indicator (LCD)
On-screen Timing Indicator teaches you the correct timing for keyboard play .
Voice Fingering Guide
If the keyboard detects that your play is lagging or stopped, or that you are playing the wrong notes, a simulated human voice calls out a number telling you what finger you should use to play the next note.

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