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sE Electronics microphones and studio bundles

Shake it up music the music store located on the sunshine coast Queensland stock a range of sE Electronics products. These include v kick drum mic, DM1 dynamite microphone and the S studio bundle. Buy online or in store.

sE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle Recording Package
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PRODUCT TYPE: Condenser Microphone

VENDOR: sE Electronics

The sE electronics X1 S Studio Bundle has everything you need to start recording - right now. If you're recording in a non-acoustically-treated space (bedrooms, closets, etc.), a Reflexion Filter® helps keep your signal clean without the sound of your...

sE Electronics V Kick Drum Microphone
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PRODUCT TYPE: Drum Microphone

VENDOR: sE Electronics

The sE Electronics V KICK drum microphone is the most compact and versatile drum microphone in its class, intended for use with kick (bass) drums and other sources such as miking bass guitar speaker cabinets, floor toms or other large...