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At shake it up music we sell aNueNue ukuleles. Based on the sunshine coast Queensland we stock tenor ukes, concert ukuleles and soprano ukuleles. We have anuenue ukes with pickups, with cutaways and all anuenue ukes are supplied with bags.
aNueNue Pas2 All Solid Concert Ukulele | Buy ukulele online Australia
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SKU: 131/PAS2

PRODUCT TYPE: Concert Ukulele


Just like its two other brothers the aNueNue Pas2 concert ukulele is made of all solid mahogany timber. Its rich, warm and pleasant sound are created by this instruments lightweight construction and the quality parts used to build this uke....

aNueNue Pas1 All Solid Soprano Ukulele | Best online music store
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SKU: 131/PAS1

PRODUCT TYPE: Soprano Ukulele


This aNuenue Pas1 soprano uke is made from all solid mahogany timber. It is surprising light for an all solid instrument which enables it to deliver a huge rich sound. Remember these all solid instruments are like a good bottle...